A Triple Crown Winner?

My dog Susie says...

Horses and Dogs are like peas and carrots....

My big mommy and daddy like all kinds of animals especially dogs and horses. We visited a couple of racetracks here in Southern California where I met quite a few racehorses. Boy are they big and beautiful! Hollywood Park is a smaller racing track located near Los Angeles with a lot of history associated with it. The track was opened in 1938 and managed by Henry Warner of Warner Brothers fame. The park seats 10,000 and has dirt made of man-made soft cushion material. It sure made it harder for me when I needed to go potty because I would never soil a carpet or anything like that. I'm completely "housebroken."

Santa Anita is located in Arcadia, California, about 30 miles south of L.A. With its backdrop of the San Gabriel Mountains, it is considered by many as the most beautiful race track in the world. It opened in 1934 and immediately attracted movie stars like Cary Grant and Bing Crosby. Santa Anita introduced new things for horse racing including the use of starting gates and photo finishes for every race. Also, the very successful and famous "Seabiscuit" won his last race here in 1940. More than 85,000 people have attended The Santa Anita Derby on race day. While I was walking around the track, I noticed a huge gleaming brown horse standing erect on a pedestal. Running over to examine this beautiful horse, I discovered it was a lifelike bronze statue of Seabiscuit. And no...I didn't mark it!

The reason I'm barking about horses today is that 12 months ago Daddy decided on a hunch to bet some money on a horse that he felt could win the triple crown this year. He liked the horse's name which seemed the only reason for daddy placing his unlikely bet in Las Vegas. You see, he never bets on anything except stocks. Anyway, over the advice of mom "that he was acting silly," he called and placed his bet on the unlikely triple crown winner. If he won he would win a gazillion dollars or so. Anyway the name of the horse that daddy liked was, "I'll Have Another." I think it reminded him of drinking with his buddies, watching a football game or such, in a sports bar.

A few days ago before the Belmont Race, which was the third leg of the triple crown, mommy and daddy were having cocktails at the Polo Lounge with friends in Beverly Hills. Daddy was bragging about his unlikely bet and how it looked like a sure thing now because the best competition to "I'll Have Another" had dropped out of the race. I think daddy was already spending his winnings in his mind. Mommy also knew that Rodeo Drive was just a mile away!

A friend of Daddy's, Kevin Costner, came in and greeted the boisterous group who had been drinking in anticipated celebration. After telling Kevin how they had enjoyed his recent "Hatfields and McCoys" saga which received great ratings, he asked what the celebration was all about? Daddy explained his crazy bet that he had made a year earlier for the triple crown winner. Kevin looked at him and said, "Haven't you heard the news? They had to scratch 'I'll Have Another' because of damage to his leg or something. He's not going to run in the Belmont."

Dreams of a fabulous shopping spree for Big mommy quickly faded away. After a few more drinks the party broke up and they headed back to our hotel room. I greeted them with a wagging tail and smiling face , but mommy and daddy didn't notice. After hearing what happened and mommy saying, "Daddy was crying in his beer," I knew I had to take action. While they were relaxing on their bed together, I jumped up and started licking their faces over and over until they started laughing. Then we all hugged and decided to go over to Santa Monica Beach and watch a beautiful sunset. So you see, when horses fail you, there's always man's (and woman's) best friend ready to make things better!

Catch you later,

Susie and Sandy

P.S. Here in California they have outlawed using cell phones, iPads and other electronic devices while driving in your car. I have a much easier way of stopping this with a simple rule. Just make humans drive like dogs do...with their heads sticking out of the window.

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