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My dog Susie says

"The day the music died."

Recently, I overheard my Big Mommy, Sandy, and Daddy talking about a person in L.A. named Dick Clark that had just passed away. They both were very sad as they realized that Mr. Clark had been a part of their lives during most of their lives. Both Dad and Mom watched "American Bandstand" and learned the newest dance steps and music each Saturday morning. Years later, Daddy met him a couple of times at various events and attended Mr. Clark's annual production of the American Music Awards Show, which he also created. Dad said he was the nicest celebrity he ever met.

Big Mommy kind of cried while reliving the special day she spent with Mr. Clark on a movie project she had written about Elvis and The Beatles. Dick Clark knew the singers very well and shared some of his personal stories about those five entertainers. She said she laughed a lot that lively wonderful day, but I'll let Sandy tell you what the best and funniest part was:

"After years of research and after completing the screenplay about the "Fab Five," I told my agent that Dick Clark would be a perfect person to show the script to since he was also producing movies at this point. Since he had worked with Dick for 40 years, slam dunk, off we went to Dick Clark's luxurious suite of offices in Hollywood for our appointment called a "pitch meeting." When we announced ourselves to the receptionist and turned around to take a seat I couldn't believe the two beautiful Weimaraners that glided into the reception area like silky silver supermodels! You should know that the real love of my life (before Susie of course) had been my own Weimaraner named Longfellow, that I owned from 1975 until he was kidnapped in 1982. (Boy, that's a whole other story!!)

Of course, I immediately pounced on Dick Clark's Wemaraners and we three lapsed into kisses and hugs like long lost lovers. When Dick received us in his private offices his dogs followed because they had free run of the place. Well, that sure broke the ice of the pitch meeting since the first half was spent on "Weimardinger" talk. His dogs and I had bonded, and the bonding spilled all over the office with a warm glow, so we spent the bulk of our business time together laughing over our mutual, crazy "Weimardinger" stories. Turns out Dick was a devoted dog lover and NEVER went any where without his dogs. No doubt they went to heaven first a few years ago, and now Dick's by their side, frolicking with his beloved dogs once again."

Catch you later,

Sandy and Susie

P.S.: You might not know that many Weimaraner owners refer to that breed as "Weimardingers" because they're just so dog-gone dingy !!

Mahatma Gandhi once said, "The greatness of a nation and its people's moral progress can be judged by the way their animals are treated."

"Mr. Gandhi must have welcomed Dick Clark in heaven with wide-opened arms"...Sandy and Susie Steele

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