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The Power of Pets

My big mommy, Sandy Steele, is writing her 5th book about people feeling physically better, doing better with money and being happier overall. It's called "HEALTH WEALTH HAPPINESS" and she's been researching for years and years. In her research, she discovered that owning and taking care of a pet can add years to one's life. It also can help heal the body and soul. Well, I could have told you that! All animals know that if you treat them nice, it will come back to you 100 fold.

My cousin Jenn from England, who I blogged about a few months ago, sent me an interesting text about scientific studies done over decades and recently published in the "British Medical Journal." These studies were looking for solutions to depression, chronic fatigue and post-traumatic disorder, and they concluded that the answers were right under all their noses; people's pets. Now... Sandy is just about the happiest human I know... so this must be right.

Jenn's text also said that American medical journals reported that riding horses helps children with cerebral palsy. They also said that after suffering a heart attack , pet owners have more than 8 times the survival rate than non-pet owners. And based on extensive studies in Australia, people in America could save over $3 billion a year in health care costs, just if everyone owned a pet.

Studies all over the world showed that pets have a very positive impact on children and the elderly. When young children experienced sadness they would confide it to their pets before their parents. When older people had visits with dogs or cats in the hospital, their social, conversational and physical behaviors all significantly improved. Alzheimer's patients showed increased weight gain and fewer episodes of anxiety and anger when they were simply around cats and dogs. Sandy's mom recently passed away from Alzheimer's and I'm sure she wants everyone to know this information about animals helping humans with their ailments.

You know it's kind of funny that in ancient cultures animals represented spiritual and religious symbols for thousands of years. Animals came to be synonymous with human "cycle of life," power, and fertility and it's now recognized that one's spiritual beliefs can help with the maintenance and recovery of robust health. I just love that word robust! The foundation of most of the world's major religions share a common ideal: unconditional love for others.

Show me a better example of unconditional love than what's between a caring owner and their pets, especially dogs. I'm a little prejudiced of course, but hey, this is my bark! If unconditional love contributes to health and happiness, then maybe people who are without pets should seriously consider adopting one. Both the animal and human will be equally thrilled for years and years with the benefits of this wondrous companionship.

Catch you later,

Susie and Sandy,

P.S. Have you ever noticed the difference between humans and dogs when it comes to eating? A human eats dinner and then eats the desert. The dog eats the desert(treat) immediately and then their dog food. Who's smarter?

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