Puppy vs. Super Bowl

My dog Susie says

Giants against Puppies

This years Super Bowl was between the New York Giants and the New England Patriots football teams. Now every year my Daddy, Richard, has a few friends over to watch these guys beat each other up, while they enjoy pizza and beer. It sort of reminds me of the Romans and the Christians in the Coliseum, except hopefully nobody gets killed. Anyway, my big mommy Sandy and I and the neighborhood pets go into her bedroom and turn on my favorite sporting event of the year: The Puppy Bowl.

While dad's friends hoot and holler and drink and eat, we all quietly enjoy the peacefulness and silly antics of young dogs frolicking and competing with each other for a couple of hours. Even the cats enjoy the action. This year's puppy athleticism was exciting to watch. Here's a brief recap of both contests.

First of all, the Puppy Bowl production values can't be beat! Even with their meager budget the puppy team led the way in play by play "color" commentary: there was coverage from the Sky Box by Meep the Bird tweeting every on-field move; and, as a bonus, the bravery of "team" hamsters high-up in the blimp with an aerial view and narration of the action below. Puppy team spirit was enhanced by the bunny "Kiss Cam" to spice things up (Jumbo-tron is soooo passe) and, of course, the Cuddly and Cute Kitten halftime show. The sexy kittens really outdid themselves this year. Their cuteness was really jacked up with the flash stage and props.

As for the actual game, while the first quarter had a slow start, Aberdeen the Heeler Shepherd and Hunter the Pit Bull mix saved the game with 4 touchdowns in the fourth quarter. Adding to the overall excitement, Hollie the Border Collie mix let her enthusiasm boil over into a few fights towards the end and accrued a few penalties but wasn't ejected from the game. I'm a Border Collie myself, but I'm a lover not a fighter!

Of course, the field was "fouled" once or twice but the guilty pup only received a five yard penalty. The game itself was raucous and action-packed at every turn. I was panting just trying to follow the tackles, nipping, pooping, instant replays and all the sideline and aerial camera work! Thank goodness for half-time so I could dash over to my water bowl to cool down. I wonder what really happened in the puppy team locker room? What did the coach say? Who is the coach anyway?

The kick-off for the Super Bowl was boring to me but the game was exciting according to Daddy and his buddies yelling and slapping each others hands. Half of the room was for the New York Giants and the other half for the New England Patriots. After seeing both quarterbacks I like the Patriots because their quarterback is really handsome. I looked at the game when my Puppy Bowl had a commercial or was at half-time. At the end of the first half of the Super bowl, one team was ahead by a point. But the best thing about this years game: The half-time show featuring Madonna. Big Mommy loves Madonna's music and actually met her once. Daddy met her a couple of times also, but doesn't mention it too much. Maybe he prefers Lady Gaga.

This was the first time I've ever watched a music concert and it was sure exciting with all the people on stage running and jumping around while they were singing. They also seemed to flash a lot. Anyway, since this was my first concert, I had to rely on Mom's approval which she readily gave.

The rest of the game seemed to go back and forth with one team leading and then the other until the very last play. The New York giants won and the crowd went wild. The MVP (most valuable player) was a quarterback named Eli Manning who was cute, but not as cute as the guy for New England. The MYP (Most Valuable Puppy) in a hotly contested vote was a Chihuahua named Fumble. He also lives in New York. Is that a coincidence or a conspiracy? Hmmmmm.
Now comes the real question: which game was the most entertaining?

After numerous debates the girls won. The Puppy Bowl was voted most enjoyable because:

    1. Puppies are much cuter than 300 lb. football players. 2. Dogs don't spit and hit each other. 3. Dogs don't jump up and down congratulating themselves on every play. 4. Dogs are willing to share the ball. 5. When a dog gets hurt the other dogs will lick them. The human players sometimes kick a player when he's down. 6. Lastly, for the dogs, cats, pigs and parrots the game is just a game. For the players it's just a business.

Catch you later,

Susie and Sandy

P.S. Researches have recently discovered that some dogs can comprehend a vocabulary of 2,000 words, whereas some cats can only understand up to 50 words. No one ever asks how many words a football player can comprehend.
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