The Fab 5

My dog Susie says

"Role camera"

Part 2

After a good nights sleep it became apparent to me that the director would have to be close to the screenwriter for my movie about Elvis and The Beatles. Who could I get? My first choice for director is "Arrow" an Old English Sheepdog owned by Paul McCartney. The problem is Arrow is in England. My first choice for screenwriter is "Marlowe" a Welsh Corgi. The problem with Marlowe is he lives in New England. How can I get them both together so we can all talk? I know! We can meet at the Atlanta airport which is the world's busiest. I need to text both of them or go to Facebook to find out how their schedules look for the next few weeks. Oh, and Marlowe is owned by writer Stephen King.

Next up is to confirm the cast. As far as I know everyone has agreed to play their parts. We've got a baby bear named "Boo" to play Ringo. There's a Black Lab named "Runner" to play George. Up the street from me lives a Cheshire Cat named "Smiley" who'll play Paul. We found a Collie named "Lassie" in the animal shelter to be John. Lassie is really happy to be out of the shelter and should do a fine job. Last, we got in touch with "Uggie" and his agent who will agree if the pay is right. I wonder how many bones he'll want? Uggie is the star of "Silent Movie," and hot right now.

It looks like everything is falling into place for our little movie about The Beatles meeting Elvis one day in 1965. I hope Boo, Runner, Smiley, Lassie and Uggie can take direction from Arrow and embrace Marlowe's film script. I also found out that Arrow is the direct offspring of "Martha", who Paul wrote a song about called "Martha My Dear", when he was singing with the Beatles. Last but not least, I've hired myself as the producer of this animal rock and roll film.

After speaking with all the animal actors and their representatives (how quickly we change) the cast, screenwriter and director are all set. Since I'm in charge of the budget and such, the animals agreed to the following actor's scale. The dogs would be given two all-natural homemade meals a day with a treat in the afternoon. Boo the baby bear is going to get salmon for lunch and dinner and then a small portion of all natural honey. The "star" of the film Uggie gets all of the above along with a French poodle as an "assistant." Lastly, Smiley the Cheshire Cat gets fish twice a day and catnip whenever she wishes.. Everyone will split the profits after we give 50% to the PAWS organization. So we're now ready to begin shooting here in the spring.

My big mommy Sandy said she's so impressed with my putting together this movie, when the Oscars are given out in late February, she's going to take me to the event.

" OMG. What will I wear on the red carpet and should I talk to Joan Rivers?"

It's been a busy week for me, so I'm going to put my paws up and go to bed real early.

Catch You later,

Susie and Sandy

P.S. The last time Sandy took me to L.A. the grandson of actor Clark Gable was arrested for pointing a laser at airplanes flying in the sky. When the lady judge inquired why he did this, his answer was, "Frankly my dear, I don't give a damn!"

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