"The Beatles are Animals"

My dog Susie says
"Roll camera..."

Part 1

These trips back and forth between my mountain village in Georgia and the magic in Hollywood gave me an idea. Lets get all the animals together and make a movie. A few years ago my big mommy Sandy met with a movie producer named Dick Clark on a movie project about the Beatles and Elvis meeting one day in L.A. So, I figure if people want to see something about a singer from the South and some bugs, then they would be really excited about watching dogs, cats, squirrels, bears and other critters having fun. The first thing we have to do is get someone to write a story; in the movie business it's called a script. Mom's too busy to do it and Dad's out of town on business, so I guess I'll have to write it myself. First thing I need is to figure out where it takes place; the mountains and forests of the South or the California beaches with all the sunshine, waves and babes. Do I want a G, PG or R rating?

I know what I want the story to be. After reading Sandy's movie script, which she co-wrote with Steve called "The Fab 5", about the most famous rock group in the world meeting the most famous rock and roll singer of all time, I decided to steal her idea. But instead of humans I'd substitute animals. I've got to start Googling Elvis, John, Paul, George, and Ringo to determine who could best play them in my movie. Also, on my previous trips to L.A. I met quite a few dogs whose owners were actors. I'll sent them a text and ask for their opinions. When I was at the Santa Monica beach last trip, I met three dogs who would be perfect for this task. And their owners are all down to earth and very sweet and they gave me treats when Sandy wasn't looking. I'm still trying to lose that extra weight.

"Buttermilk" is a Cockapoo owned by Ashley Judd and seemingly very smart. Ashley is also from the South. Buttermilk thought a "Teddy" bear would be perfect for Ringo. Since I've never seen a real live Teddy bear, maybe a baby bear would do. I guess Buttermilk isn't as smart as I thought.

"Dylan" is a Golden Retriever owned by Renee Zellweger and seemingly very caring and loving. Dylan thought that a Black Labrador would be a good match for George. Reese Witherspoon's French Bulldog named "Coco Chanel" recommended that a "Cheshire Cat" would be a nice fit for Paul, because they're always smiling, sassy and happy.

Three characters down two animals to go. Actress Drew Barrymore's mixed-breed "Flossie" pondered who might play John Lennon. Suddenly Flossie blurted out... Lassie!! So it looks like a Collie is the choice for John. Now, I'm a Border Collie and smarter than your average dog, but smarter than "Lassie"; I don't think so. We'll see after the movie premiers and what kind of reviews we get. Last but not least is Elvis. This might be the most difficult.

When Sandy and I were jogging on the beach at Santa Monica on our last trip, I met the biggest dog I ever saw; a Great Dane named "George". My neck ached from having to look up with him being so much taller than me. Anyway, he said that he'd talk to his owner and get back to me with an answer for who should play the "King of Rock and Roll'.

George called the next day and emphatically stated; "My owner would be perfect for the role!" At least that's what his owner suggested! Second choice would be an Golden Eagle. So we went with the eagle. By the way, George's owner is Jim Carrey.

Now the primary cast of characters is set: a small bear playing Ringo, a Black Labrador for George, a Cheshire Cat for Paul, a Collie as John, and a Golden Eagle playing Elvis. I decided that since all these animals are available right here in the mountain forests where I grew up, that the story would have to be set here instead of L.A. "Rewrite Please!"

Wait a second! I just returned from seeing "Silent Movie" which is really great for animals because they can easily understand the dialogue. Wonderful movie but the smallest member of the cast, "Uggie" the brilliant Jack Russell Terrier, stole the movie! Sorry Mr. Golden Eagle but we've got to give the role of Elvis to Uggie.

I'm going to bed now because all of this thinking has made me really tired. I'll get a good-nights sleep and start tomorrow on the script and finding a director. Tonight I'm going to dream of herding lots and lots of fluffy sheep.

Catch you later,

Susie and Sandy

P.S. I once met a Chihuahua named "Tinkerbell" sitting in a lady's purse in Beverly Hills. Tinkerbell's idea of making a movie is two dogs doing you know what and then going out drinking and dancing. Her owner is Paris Hilton.

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