Animal House

My dog Susie says

History repeats itself?

I was reading my USA TODAY and realized that the world is in real turmoil. We give lots of money to nations that give us oil, but they're mad at us. Our friends in Europe whom we've supported for years don't particularly like us either. We buy things from the Chinese, who then give us back lots of money, don't really trust or like us. We give money both to the Republicans and Democrats whom really don't like each other in Congress. And the President is constantly mad at Congress and half of the nation. We also pay his salary don't we? Rich against poor, haves against have-nots, the 99% vs. the 1%. What does all this mean and is there a solution?

It seems that the problem is money! Even if you're a dog, you can't buy real love or friendship by simply paying for it. If you're mean to me, than I won't like you even if you feed me filet mignon every night. I do have my principles. My first principle is "to treat someone like I'd want to be treated." And speaking of treats( my favorite subject), if Mom loaded me up every day and night for years with treats, I'd become very fat and die at an early age. So you see by paying all of these countries and people lots of money for all of these years has made them resent us in the end. And the same with our elected officials. The more we give the more they disdain us. So why don't we try something different but very simple. Stop giving any of them any money or support. Take it away and let them be on their own for a while. They won't starve and maybe just maybe, they might appreciate what "We the people..." means!

I decided to call a little quorum in my neighborhood to see what ideas the animals could come up with. Meeting in the local park, the dogs, cats, parrots, eagles, pigeons and squirrels all had opinions on what humans should think about doing to fix the problem. The dogs, cats and parrots all were taken care of by humans. The eagles, pigeons and squirrels were all on their own. So it was sort of a have and have-not conference. An animal house. Perfect!

After hours of ideas and debating, it seemed that the best recommendation came from an Italian Greyhound named Luigi. It seems that being an Italian by birth, Luigi was a history buff as well. He had a quote from some American businessman named Buffet that he really liked, "If you want to know what's going to happen in the future, look at the past." Hence Luigi said we should examine what's happened over the last few thousand years or so.

A long time ago the most powerful nation on earth was Rome. The people of Rome worked hard for themselves, trained armies and conquered one nation after another. Slowly, year after year , century after century, the Roman people became fat and sassy. Their Senate and Caesar ruled and taxed everyone and graft was the rule of the day. To keep the armies happy, the people had to keep spending huge sums on keeping the conquered empire intact. The ultra rich became so bored with daily life, their emperor was obliged to create entertainment for the masses. Hence, the Coliseum was created to watch man battle man, and man slaughter animals. And to keep paying for everything the people with money were constantly taxed and the people without much became servants or slaves. The soul and spirit of their great nation, along with the Coliseum, began to crumble, eventually died and never returned to its former glory. Luigi said everyone in Washington D.C and Congress should be given an assignment to read the " The Rise and Fall of the Roman Empire."

Our little group of animals hope that the humans of this great nation study a little and try harder to solve the Country's problems together, without the animosity. If cats and dogs and eagles and squirrels can all get along, don't you think the "smartest" race on earth can too?

Catch you later,
Susie and Sandy,

P.S. A stranger in town approached me. "Lay down, lay down doggie," ordered the man. "Lay down, I say!"
Soon a bystander approached the stranger and stated. " Mister, you'll have to say, 'Lie down, Lie down', because that's a Border Collie."

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