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My dog Susie says

The Great Debate

Watching one of TV's top-rated shows recently with mom and dad has been interesting, entertaining and funny. I'm talking about the Republican debates for President. Sandy my mom, was a democrat for years and Richard my dad, was a republican for decades. Somehow they're now both Independents! Seems they're so fed up with the goings-on in Washington, that they don't really like either party. Seems that all the elected officials promise one thing to get elected, and then do whatever they can to get re-elected starting on their second day in office. President Obama promised "Hope and Change" and now everyone wants "Change and Hope!"

Dad worked on Wall Street for years but please don't hold that against him. Wall Street used to help the little guy who had an idea, but no money, get the money to make that idea succeed. He helped companies like FedEx, Nike, Microsoft and Apple become public. People who invested in them made a lot of money over the decades. He also helped my favorite store Toys-R-Us when it was having difficult times. Now we have people occupying Wall Street that are mad, but don't seem to know exactly who they're mad at. We all need to chill out for a while.

Back to the debates. Right now there seven men and one attractive woman trying to beat each other up. Since I'm a girl, I'm rooting for the woman, Michele Bachmann. I was trying to discover if she had any family dogs, but all I found was a picture on YouTube of her slowly eating a thick foot-long hot-dog. People thought that was too sexual for some reason. Maybe she's too hot to run for president?

Then there are two fellows from my neck of the woods, Georgia. One has been a politician for a very long time, Newt Gingrich, and the other, Herman Cain has never been one for even a day. Not counting numerous affairs, Newt has been married 3 times and swears this one is for real. Herman has been "happily married" for over 40 years and swears this one is obviously for real. Hold the presses! Seems that Mr. Cain has some serious baggage with the ladies. So because of their peccadilloes, I'm eliminating both of these guys from any consideration.

Texas has produced two interesting candidates. One is a doctor and the other is a cowboy. Ron Paul has been running for president for decades. He wants our country to balance its checkbook and use gold to buy things. Rick Perry likes to shoot guns and forget things when he's talking. Seems to me we might do better.

Being an unattached young lady, I sure like the way Mitt Romney looks. But I wouldn't vote for someone just because they look like a movie star. Mitt has tons of dogs including a Golden Retriever, Bichon and Weimaraner. He signed a new law when he was Governor of Massachusetts to severely increase penalties for animal cruelty and also created a statewide "Dog Owners Month." Mitt once saved an entire family and their dog from drowning in a lake when their boat suddenly sank. Maybe he's really Clark Kent in disguise?

The other two candidates are so forgettable that I can't remember their names right now. I'm having a Rick Perry moment. Anyway, where are all the great men who have helped our great nation during difficult times? Lincoln, Washington, Jefferson, both Roosevelts, and Ronald Reagan. They all managed to save our nation from wars, recessions and depressions. Wait a second, here comes someone who swears he can save us all: Donald Trump!

Catch you later,

Susie and Sandy,

P.S. A famous lady politician once said about men and marriage: "I never married because it's not needed. I have three pets at home who are perfect substitutes. I have a dog who howls and growls in the morning. My parrot cusses all day and my cat staggers home late every night."

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