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My dog Susie says

Unexpected Christmas Presents

I recently heard a story about a Black Labrador rescue dog who did some remarkable things for his family. One early November morning, a farmer found this abandoned dog who had obviously been beaten and nearly dead from starvation. The family already had a white poodle puppy named Jerry which the two children adored. They weren't sure if they could afford both of the dogs with the economy the way it is. The kids convinced the parents to keep the older and larger black dog as a companion to Jerry the poodle. The family decided to name him Moses.

One day while tilling in the fields the farmer noticed a huge eagle circling the tiny white puppy. He instinctively knew that during the winter, eagles would attack anything that they could carry away. It had Jerry the little puppy in its sights. Running as hard as he could to try to cross the acres of farmland before the eagle struck, he suddenly grabbed his chest and collapsed. Moses sprinted by him as the eagle lifted off the ground with Jerry in its claws. Somehow, Moses jumped high enough that he knocked the small poodle out of the bird's clutches and they both fell safely to the ground. The eagle flew away glad to be alive. Turning his attention to the farmer, Moses ran back to him and then raced off for the house. Moses and Jerry arrived at the back door and started barking. Soon the farmer's wife appeared and watched the dogs scamper around in circles obviously excited about something. She lifted the puppy into the house and followed Moses back to her husband. Calling 911 on her cell phone, an ambulance soon arrived. The farmer lived.

A month later right before Christmas with the farmer almost completely recovered from his medical scare, he noticed that Jerry was acting excited about something. Calling for Moses who was nowhere to be seen, the farmer was worried that something must have happened. Maybe Moses ran off. Jerry took off running across the apple orchard towards the blacktop paved road. The farmer followed as quickly as he could in his weakened condition. Suddenly, there was Moses laying lifeless on his side, by the side of the road. He'd obviously been hit and killed earlier by a car. The tearful farmer gently picked up Moses for burial in his back yard. Christmas would be in a few days.

On Christmas day, a young man appeared at the family's front door. After being let in he was escorted into the living room where the Christmas tree sat, and all the presents had been opened and now scattered. The farmer, his wife and the two children listened as the stranger began. "I'm here to ask for your forgiveness as I did you a terrible harm. I'm the person who hit and killed your black dog a few days ago. I was too scared to come earlier and tell you that I did it. I'm so sorry and please forgive me especially on this day."

After a few minutes, the wife and children walked over and put their arms around the young teenager who was weeping. Soon the farmer asked what had happened. "I was hurrying to get to a holiday party when all of the sudden your dog ran right in front of me. I couldn't stop. I actually thought that the dog I was going to hit was a little white poodle, but when I stopped and looked back, it was a large black dog. I still don't know what happened?"

The farmer looked at his wife and the kids smiled at each other. They now knew that Moses not only had saved their father, but pushed Jerry out of harms way and had saved him a second time. What a wonderful Christmas present!

Here's another true story.

Recently a tragedy unfolded out west in Washington State. Scamp, an 8-month old Yorkshire-Shih Tzu mixed puppy, escaped from his back yard and was then hit, crushed by a car and eventually pronounced dead. The two young children who were minding Scamp when he escaped were completely devastated. Because the children were crying uncontrollably, the father took the broken dog outside in the snow, wrapped him in a blanket and gently placed him in the garage. He would bury him tomorrow on Christmas day..

The children drew lots of pictures of Scamp and cried all night. The next morning before opening their gifts from Santa, they all went outside to bury Scamp in their backyard. Then a miracle happened. Opening the garage door, their beloved puppy was sitting up and wagging his tail. After being taken to the veterinarian and pronounced fit to live, nobody could explain what just happened. The mother of the children simply stated, "Christmas is all about the children. It's about miracles and hope. It's about family being together and Scamp is a wonderful part of our family."

Catch you later,

Susie and Sandy

P.S. Dogs can really help with the decorations and the Christmas tree. If you don't believe me then go to this link below. Also I think that Scamp should be renamed Lazarus!

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