...the dogs of war.

My dog Susie says

A Four-Legged Veteran

Sandy and I were driving into town today when I noticed that all along the side of the road were tiny American flags placed for miles and miles. I motioned at them with my paws and Sandy knew I was asking her, "what are they for?" She explained that today is "Veteran's Day," which celebrates and honors our brave soldiers for all the wars they have fought in. Wars like, "The Civil War, The Spanish-American War, World War I, World War II, Korea, The Cold War, Vietnam, The Gulf War, The Iraqi War and The Afghanistan War. My goodness that's a lot of fighting and more importantly... dying.

Being a Border Collie and born leader, I decided to educate the neighborhood dogs, and cats if they'll listen, to what I had learned about "Veteran's Day." One of the slower thinking dogs, Butch, was confused as to why they would have a "Veterinarians Day?" After a few minutes even Butch got it. Soon a German Shepherd named Gus told us a story, related from a friend of his that was currently serving in the Afghanistan War.

"In the Afghan War on the 4th of July enemy bullets were flying overhead when one ripped through his body. His closest friend, Specialist Marc Whittaker, decided there was no way that he'd let his best friend Anax die. His best friend was a German Shepherd."

"Anax and Marc had been ambushed by enemy insurgents firing so many rounds at them, it looked like a scene out of "Star Wars." Marc, who was wearing body armor, laid down and shielded Anax who was completely unprotected. Bullets continued to rain down upon the duo for minutes, which seemed like hours before stopping. Marc was unscathed but Anax was whimpering in pain. One leg was bloody and the other totally shattered. He picked up Anax, who was now dead weight, and carried him for miles to the medivac site for emergency medical care. Soon they both were on a plane that landed hours and thousands of miles later in Germany. After an eight hour operation at the Army Veterinary Hospital, Anax was saved but his right leg was lost."

Specialist Whittaker was asked why he'd spent so much time and effort taking care of just a wounded dog? His answer was, "Never leave a fallen comrade behind." Marc also added with tears streaming down his face, "I'll be Anax's caretaker for the rest of his life. He'll retire fat and happy on my couch!"

Susie says, "Please don't forget man's and woman's 'best friends' during the Holidays. Remember they'll do anything for you, if you just love them back!"

Catch you later,

Susie and Sandy

P.S. While going to the animal shelter, a young man found and adopted an old parrot. Deciding to make him part of the family during the Christmas season, he placed the bird in the living room. Unfortunately, during a Holiday party the parrot yelled "Merry #+$ing Christmas and Happy #$&+ing New Year! Totally embarrassed the young man pleaded with the bird to stop swearing. The parrot's attitude and language only got worse. As a last resort, the owner put the parrot in the kitchen freezer to quiet him down. After a few minutes, the owner became worried that his potty-mouthed parrot would freeze to death. Upon his release the bird said, "I'm very sorry that I offended you and your friends with my language. I ask for forgiveness and promise I will never do that again."

The young man stood speechless as to the parrot's complete change, when the bird then asked,
"By the way, may I inquire, what did the turkey do?"

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