To trick ot treat?

My dog Susie says...

The headless horseman and his trusty dog

Once upon a time a farmer, his horse and his faithful companion, a Border Collie named Lucky, were deep in the woods hunting for varmints and tiny critters to eat for dinner. It was 1880 and there weren't cars, telephones or airplanes invented yet. Suddenly a creature unlike any they had ever seen rushed out of a hidden cave and ran straight towards the unlucky duo. Lucky raised up as tall as he could and howled as loud as possible. The farmer cocked his rifle and fired at the huge dark shadow. It never even slowed down. Soon, Lucky was knocked unconscious and his master was missing never to be seen again. Lucky was so scared that he and his generations of offspring remained hidden in the woods for over 120 years. Until... Sandy found and rescued Lucky's last offspring Susie, three years ago.

Sitting around a wooded campfire this Hallowed Eve were Sandy, her husband Richard, Dusty the neighbors' boxer and Susie. Because of the Indian Summer it was right comfortable this night to be outside toasting marshmallows and drinking hot chocolate. There was a full moon along with with thousands of stars lighting the entire sky. A few minutes later, there was a rustling coming from the blackness of the forest. Somewhere buried deep in Susie's' DNA, she instinctively knew there was trouble afoot! Before anyone could arise it was upon them. Big Foot!

Sandy and Richard jumped up to run away, but instead ran smack into each other and knocked themselves unconscious. Dusty barked once and then passed out from fright. Only Susie remained to combat the enormous creature. Now Susie is much smarter than your average dog, but what about a Big Foot. "What to do..what to do...?"

Looking at the vittles cooking on the open fire, Susie decided that she'd offer the creature some warm marshmallows. Opening her mouth and gently putting two marshmallow treats in her mouth, she slowly took them to the huge animal a few feet away. Maybe she could also communicate with it, convince it to eat the treats and not her family.

After the monster ate the luscious marshmallows, he sat down and grumbled something that Susie understood. He was tired of being an ogre and was actually misunderstood. He was a gentle giant named Oscar and liked to cook. He never hurt anyone is his life and all his relatives had never hurt anyone, human or dog. He was a scavenger and plant and fruit eater. Soon Susie offered Oscar a cup of hot chocolate. Three cups later, the two companions were looking at the sleeping humans and boxer and started to laugh a little. It seems that everyone in the forest is so afraid of him, that he has no friends. Talking with Susie was a real blessing which he wouldn't soon forget. Bidding farewell, Oscar patted Susie on the head and said to take care and make sure to watch out for bears. Bears are dangerous!

Thirty minutes later Sandy, Richard and Dusty all awoke at the same time. Remembering what had just seemingly occurred, Sandy screamed again. They all looked at Susie and wondered what had happened? Where was the monster? Why are they unhurt and alive? Susie decided to tell a little white lie to explain.

Protecting her new-found friend, she communicated somehow with Sandy that what happened was simply a "college prank." It seems that since it was Halloween night, some bored college students decided to dress up in costumes, including Big Foot, and roam around the woods scaring people. Sandy and Richard accepted the explanation, but Dusty knew he had never smelled anything like that before.

The moral of this little Halloween tale is, if you see an unknown creature in the woods, offer them a treat before shooting. But, if it's a bear... run like hell!

Catch you later,

Susie and Sandy

P.S. Mark Twain basically once said, "If you rescue a starving dog and make him prosperous, he'll love you forever and won't bite you. That is the principal difference between dog and man."

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