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The Apple of our eyes

We left LA and would arrive in the Atlanta airport in the early evening. I lost so much weight running after seagulls and swimming with the dolphins in the ocean, that I was able to sit with Sandy, instead of being held again in that dang hold deep in the airplane. Now where's my cocktail and treat?

Sandy's husband Richard, who is also my dad, met us at the metal baggage merry-go-round, and mumbled something to mom. She now seemed sad and started to cry a little. I wonder what happened?

It turned out that Sandy and Richard were sad this night because a person of great integrity died today. His name was Steve Jobs and he started a little computer company named Apple. I wasn't aware of him, so I Googled his name and read pages and pages of information. Seems he was quite a guy! He was an orphan like me, who also was rescued by compassionate parents that always deeply loved him. His favorite sayings were, "Stay hungry and stay foolish" and "Don't be trapped by dogma."

I love the foolish part, but I wonder what dog's ma's have to do with anything?

Now, Richard had met him years ago in 1980 when he helped take his company to the public or something like that. Dad said he was the most unforgettable person he ever met then or since. I also suddenly realized that the computer I was typing on had an apple logo on it and that Steve had invented it. In fact mom's little music box she takes with her when she jogs has a little apple on it. And dad's flat tablet computer he takes along on trips has an apple on it. And my favorite movie of all time, "Toy Story" was created by Mr. Jobs. And my cell phone which I use to keep in touch with my buddies, I recently met on the beaches in California, has a little apple on it. This guy was an Einstein! He was Johnny Appleseed spreading little Apple seeds that sprouted all over the world. Too bad he couldn't clone himself into an Apple device. But wait, that's exactly what he did. He's Thomas Edison too!

Watching TV recently with Congress and the President bitching at each other reminds me of Kindergarten. They should look at Steve Jobs' incredible life and remind each other that it's humans like him, and a few remarkable dogs, that made America great. Now if Lassie could become the first female President, maybe she could bring us all back together and save the day! All of this deep thinking and pondering made my head swim a little, so I decided to sleep outside in my doghouse. I usually sleep in my parents' gigantic bed but tonight I wanted to be outside with my thoughts, look at the bright stars and watch a little TV, which dad had recently put in my abode. And yes, it has a little apple on it.

Catch you later,

Susie and Sandy,

P.S. About Steve Jobs: Don't lament his death but celebrate his life!

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