Manhattan Maggie

Sandy Steele's dog Susie Says

I prefer Perrier

A friend of mine and her owner recently visited us here in the North Georgia mountains. They live in New York City. Seems that the owner, Craig Wilson, writes for a big newspaper, USA Today. I like the colored pictures and the crossword puzzles.

Anyway, Maggie my friend and confident told me a story about Craig trying to hire a "dog-walker" to take her out to do her business and such. In New York, it's much more difficult than here in the mountains and forests where just about any tree will do.

So when this walker guy show up, he starts to ask a lot of questions about Maggie. Such as, any bad medical or mental conditions like peeing on the floor? Or does Maggie have epilepsy, aggression, hate the mailman, howl at the moon, etc... ad nauseum. But here is the clincher; "does your dog drink tap or bottled water?" Craig reluctantly answered tap.

Maggie wanted to tell Craig, that she really preferred the pristine toilet water but she kept her comments to herself. The dog walker said "he'd evaluate the answers and get back to them."

I wonder how hard it is to get a child in kindergarten or middle school in the Big Apple?

You know Sandy and I spend half the year in LA on the beaches and the other half in "God's Country" here in the South. I'm glad that she doesn't have to hire someone to assist her in taking me out for long walks or just relieving myself. Life is good!

Catch you later,

Susie and Sandy,

P.S. Dogs believe they're human. Cats believe they're God. However, did you here about the dyslexic cat that couldn't sleep fearing dogs were gods.

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