Fall was in the air...

Sandy Steele's dog Susie Says

10 years ago on a beautiful September day...

On 9/11 a decade ago, our safe world in America forever changed. My husband and I were in New York and he had just visited friends Monday morning at the Twin Towers. We always enjoyed, when we were in Manhattan, visiting the World Trade Center and the "Windows on The World" restaurant. The very next day Tuesday, he lost four friends and business associates. Staying at the Plaza Hotel more than 50 blocks north of the man-made Holocaust, I remember the gray dust of crushed concrete wistfully floating down 5th avenue and into Central Park. A few days later there was an unmistakable aroma of death in the air. We'll never forget that Tuesday dawn, beautiful with blue skies, green grass and fountains gushing with sparkling water. Then in an instant, the inherited innocence of safety and security of living in America was forever lost.

On the flight back to our home in Los Angeles, we counted our blessings. No longer would we naively take everything for granted. We had each other, and our loving children that were now gone from our secure nest. Family meant everything... money nothing. That beautiful Tuesday morning became a day of mourning.

Ten years have passed and now we have Susie our beloved Border Collie. I rescued her and she saved me. My mother was dying from the ravages of Alzheimer's, so I moved from California to her home to take care of her. She went to heaven in late 2010. We stayed. Susie, my husband and I, now live a bi-coastal life. But, the more we stay here in the splendor of the ubiquitous breathtaking beauty of the lush mountains of North Georgia, the more peace on Earth seeps into our souls.

Now as y'all know by now, our dog Susie understands human. So she reminded me of the four-legged heroes, that sacrificed and eventually died, from effects of that sad day... the day peace on Earth died.

"Apollo" was a German Shepherd that was the first rescue dog on site. "Porkchop" worked so hard that he had to receive intravenous treatment to stay alive. Guide-dog "Roselle" led his blind owner down 78 floors to safety. "Cowboy" a black-and-white Border Collie like Susie, searched non-stop for days by nosing through all the blackened debris. "Jake" a black Labrador worked in both 9/11 and Hurricane Katrina years later. He eventually died in 2007 his body completely riddled with cancer. Jake gave it his all... along with all the human workers, who perished much too early from the face of the Earth!

Susie says to tell you to hold and hug your cats and dogs because you never know when you'll need them. Or lose them.

Warmest Regards,

Sandy and Susie,

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