Beauty Contest

Sandy Steele's dog Susie Says

I'm ready for my closeup...

Sandy decided to enter me in a dog beauty contest to be held at our new dog park on the river. She put sunglasses and a pink beaded necklace on moi which rattled when I ran. I think she spends too much time watching those celebrities on the red carpet when we're back in LA. Anyway, since I'm 19 in human years, I guess this is my prime. However, I drew the line at wearing a grass hula skirt. I wonder if that would make me look fat?

Getting ready for the impending circus event, she weighed me, pinched my flab, groomed my black and white coat, trimmed my toenails and lastly decided to "whiten" my teeth. Now a dog, when she's alone outside, eats a lot of stuff that's not exactly good for brightening your smile, if you know what I mean. But being the good-natured companion that I am, I decided to let Sandy do what she wanted. Up to a point.

She soon ran into my point. Sandy decided to educate me about tooth and gum disease, so she could actually brush my teeth with a toothbrush. Whoa! Being the good Border Collie that I am, I listened intently to her information concerning my gums and such. I learned that after age 3 in my actual years, eighty percent of dogs develop gum disease which leads to lost teeth and worse. Hey, I don't want to look like some of the farmers around here that live way up in the hills.

It's recommended that the owner brush her dog's teeth once a day. Also, the diet should be enhanced with eating raw meat. The gnawing of the meat and bone seems to prevent gum and tooth decay. So Sandy and I did a deal. I'd let her brush my teeth everyday in exchange for a daily meaty bone. Easy compromise. I wish those guys and girls in Congress could do the same thing.

Catch you later,

Susie and Sandy

P.S. The first rule in successful dog training is you must be smarter than your dog. Wonder why millions of dogs are running amuck everywhere?

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