Hollywood here I come

Sandy Steele's dog Susie says

Dreaming California

Sandy decided to take me on a trip back to her home in California for a vacation. I didn't know what she meant by that, because my work takes place in rippling streams, blue lakes and lush beautiful forests in the mountains around here. It's a rough job but somebody has to do it.

So we get to the airport in Atlanta where I understand more people and dogs fly out of it, than just about anyplace in the world. I wonder what first class is like? After checking in and then going through some line where strangers pick and poke your body, I'm ready to leave already. Then the bad news hits.

At the gate, mom is told that there is a weight limit for dogs to fly with the humans. It's 35 pounds. Now, Sandy has been feeding me nutritious dietary food all my life, so it shouldn't be a problem. However, she doesn't know that sometimes I go next door to Dusty's house and eat his food, while he is chasing a ball that I manage to toss down a hill. The nice lady at the gate takes me to a room and weighs me; 38 lbs. and now I'm dead.

Sandy does her best job of pleading, but to no avail. Seems the nice lady was actually feeling like a rag or something, or so my mom muttered. They brought out a cage with wires all around it and started to put me in it. Sandy's crying, but I manage to communicate that it's all right and not to worry. A few minutes later I'm down in some kind of "hold" in the plane and guess what; there's all kinds of dogs and cats down here with me. So, I decided to to make the best of the situation and plan a little party for all of us while we're flying for the next 5 hours. The dogs love the idea but the cats would rather sleep.

Somehow, we all soon fell asleep and when I awoke, we were in the LA airport which looked like some kind of spaceship. People were running around speaking in languages I couldn't understand. We then manged to get in something called a cab, and the driver also spoke in a language I didn't understand. Shortly, we arrived at a huge pink building, called "The Beverly Hills Hotel." We checked in and then were escorted somewhere in the back, to a smaller hotel called a "cottage." Sandy gave the nice man something, maybe a treat, for bringing our bags to the cottage. Dog tired, we both got into bed and fell asleep. "Tomorrow... will be another day!"

Catch you later,

Susie and Sandy

P.S. If your dog is fat, then you're probably not getting enough exercise. And never trust your dog to watch your food...if you're exercising without them.

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100 miles to a bushel

Sandy Steele's dog Susie Says

Who needs cars

A few months ago, Sandy and I went into town to see what was going on with some holiday on the 4th of July. People were everywhere with their dogs and cats running amuck around the town square and people blowing horns and throwing small paper cigarettes that exploded on the ground. Scared the stuffing out of me, so I hid under an old fashioned covered wagon parked nearby.

Now don't get me wrong, but the horse that was attached to the wagon seemed dazed and not the brightest bulb in the chandelier. However, sitting on the driver's bench was a " sharper than your average male dog", dachshund named Buster Brown. Buster told me a tale that's hard to believe. Seems he met up with the driver of this covered wagon back in 2009 in Texas. They sort of rescued each other like Sandy and me. Now here's where it gets real interesting. And it's all completely true!

Buster and the wagon driver, Mr. Newton, decided one day in February 2 ½ years ago to go on a little trip together. So they packed up their food(vittles) and clothes and hitched up the horse engine and left Corpus Christi to see some of America. Whoa Nelly!!!

So far they've traveled over a thousand miles on their trip. And guess how much they spent on gas and lodging..Zero. The horse eats grass and such in fields where they camp out, and people along the way have actually given them food. Buster in fact could stand to lose a few. They sleep in the covered wagon or on the ground under the stars.

Here's the kicker. Mr. Newton said he awoke one day and decided to retire from work and married life at the same time. After talking to Buster, they decided to leave everything like bills and such behind them. No mailbox in a traveling covered wagon. Oh, by the way, Mr. Newton is 70.

I asked Sandy if we could go on a trip like that in a wagon across the country. She looked at me like maybe the fireworks had done something to my brain. Sandy is so warm blooded that she runs the air-conditioner in the winter. I swear. Anyway, Buster and Mr. Newton and the horse with no name, left our tiny village for parts unknown. The last thing I said was, they should go to the beaches in California and see the chicks.

Catch you later,
Susie and Sandy

P.S. People never really understand and appreciate that dogs really are man's best friend, until they start betting on horses.

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Beauty Contest

Sandy Steele's dog Susie Says

I'm ready for my closeup...

Sandy decided to enter me in a dog beauty contest to be held at our new dog park on the river. She put sunglasses and a pink beaded necklace on moi which rattled when I ran. I think she spends too much time watching those celebrities on the red carpet when we're back in LA. Anyway, since I'm 19 in human years, I guess this is my prime. However, I drew the line at wearing a grass hula skirt. I wonder if that would make me look fat?

Getting ready for the impending circus event, she weighed me, pinched my flab, groomed my black and white coat, trimmed my toenails and lastly decided to "whiten" my teeth. Now a dog, when she's alone outside, eats a lot of stuff that's not exactly good for brightening your smile, if you know what I mean. But being the good-natured companion that I am, I decided to let Sandy do what she wanted. Up to a point.

She soon ran into my point. Sandy decided to educate me about tooth and gum disease, so she could actually brush my teeth with a toothbrush. Whoa! Being the good Border Collie that I am, I listened intently to her information concerning my gums and such. I learned that after age 3 in my actual years, eighty percent of dogs develop gum disease which leads to lost teeth and worse. Hey, I don't want to look like some of the farmers around here that live way up in the hills.

It's recommended that the owner brush her dog's teeth once a day. Also, the diet should be enhanced with eating raw meat. The gnawing of the meat and bone seems to prevent gum and tooth decay. So Sandy and I did a deal. I'd let her brush my teeth everyday in exchange for a daily meaty bone. Easy compromise. I wish those guys and girls in Congress could do the same thing.

Catch you later,

Susie and Sandy

P.S. The first rule in successful dog training is you must be smarter than your dog. Wonder why millions of dogs are running amuck everywhere?

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Fall was in the air...

Sandy Steele's dog Susie Says

10 years ago on a beautiful September day...

On 9/11 a decade ago, our safe world in America forever changed. My husband and I were in New York and he had just visited friends Monday morning at the Twin Towers. We always enjoyed, when we were in Manhattan, visiting the World Trade Center and the "Windows on The World" restaurant. The very next day Tuesday, he lost four friends and business associates. Staying at the Plaza Hotel more than 50 blocks north of the man-made Holocaust, I remember the gray dust of crushed concrete wistfully floating down 5th avenue and into Central Park. A few days later there was an unmistakable aroma of death in the air. We'll never forget that Tuesday dawn, beautiful with blue skies, green grass and fountains gushing with sparkling water. Then in an instant, the inherited innocence of safety and security of living in America was forever lost.

On the flight back to our home in Los Angeles, we counted our blessings. No longer would we naively take everything for granted. We had each other, and our loving children that were now gone from our secure nest. Family meant everything... money nothing. That beautiful Tuesday morning became a day of mourning.

Ten years have passed and now we have Susie our beloved Border Collie. I rescued her and she saved me. My mother was dying from the ravages of Alzheimer's, so I moved from California to her home to take care of her. She went to heaven in late 2010. We stayed. Susie, my husband and I, now live a bi-coastal life. But, the more we stay here in the splendor of the ubiquitous breathtaking beauty of the lush mountains of North Georgia, the more peace on Earth seeps into our souls.

Now as y'all know by now, our dog Susie understands human. So she reminded me of the four-legged heroes, that sacrificed and eventually died, from effects of that sad day... the day peace on Earth died.

"Apollo" was a German Shepherd that was the first rescue dog on site. "Porkchop" worked so hard that he had to receive intravenous treatment to stay alive. Guide-dog "Roselle" led his blind owner down 78 floors to safety. "Cowboy" a black-and-white Border Collie like Susie, searched non-stop for days by nosing through all the blackened debris. "Jake" a black Labrador worked in both 9/11 and Hurricane Katrina years later. He eventually died in 2007 his body completely riddled with cancer. Jake gave it his all... along with all the human workers, who perished much too early from the face of the Earth!

Susie says to tell you to hold and hug your cats and dogs because you never know when you'll need them. Or lose them.

Warmest Regards,

Sandy and Susie,

P.S. Susie is making a video that help's test your dog's IQ. It's only $9.99 on TV, and if you buy it, then your dog is absolutely smarter than you.

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Manhattan Maggie

Sandy Steele's dog Susie Says

I prefer Perrier

A friend of mine and her owner recently visited us here in the North Georgia mountains. They live in New York City. Seems that the owner, Craig Wilson, writes for a big newspaper, USA Today. I like the colored pictures and the crossword puzzles.

Anyway, Maggie my friend and confident told me a story about Craig trying to hire a "dog-walker" to take her out to do her business and such. In New York, it's much more difficult than here in the mountains and forests where just about any tree will do.

So when this walker guy show up, he starts to ask a lot of questions about Maggie. Such as, any bad medical or mental conditions like peeing on the floor? Or does Maggie have epilepsy, aggression, hate the mailman, howl at the moon, etc... ad nauseum. But here is the clincher; "does your dog drink tap or bottled water?" Craig reluctantly answered tap.

Maggie wanted to tell Craig, that she really preferred the pristine toilet water but she kept her comments to herself. The dog walker said "he'd evaluate the answers and get back to them."

I wonder how hard it is to get a child in kindergarten or middle school in the Big Apple?

You know Sandy and I spend half the year in LA on the beaches and the other half in "God's Country" here in the South. I'm glad that she doesn't have to hire someone to assist her in taking me out for long walks or just relieving myself. Life is good!

Catch you later,

Susie and Sandy,

P.S. Dogs believe they're human. Cats believe they're God. However, did you here about the dyslexic cat that couldn't sleep fearing dogs were gods.

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