Sandy Steele's dog Suzie Says

You know after years of watching and listening to my owner Sandy Steele, I finally decided to say something about this crazy planet we all live on. Sandy thinks she's my Mom, but I consider her like my older sister. Anyway, here goes World with my first blog. I really hate that word, so can't someone come up with something a little nicer?

First of all, what really bugs me are bugs. I love to chase them and every once in a while I get to eat one. Few calories, some protein and excellent roughage for keeping a girl's figure sexy and lithe. I live half the year in a small village high up in the mountains in the South. Sort of like a return to Mayberry based on the reruns I've watched. Sandy's from California, so we spend the other half roaming the beaches and swimming with surfer dudes and dolphins.

You might be wondering how I know and understand all of this, but the answer is simple. I watch a lot of TV, read a little newspaper and spend time in various dog parks. I'm also a Border Collie and everyone knows we're much smarter than your average dog, and most men.

Like I said, I've been with Sandy for nearly 3 years since she found me as a “rescue” dog. I recently helped humor her with tricks because of her daily care-giving for her mother who suffers from Alzheimer's, which really sucks. So we sort of rescued each other. We loved each other at first sight and are both extremely lucky to have one another.

This leads me to my very first “Bone to Pick.” Why can't four legged animals get some real help when it comes to animal shelters and dog parks. I just found out that our local “no-kill” animal shelter really does kill. Disgusting, and if I figure out a way to go over there, I'm going to organize a sit-in with about a hundred of my friends including cats. We'll all howl and sing in unison about the taking of so many four-legged lives. The cats can spit and hiss!

Anyway, I'm not one to preach, but please see what you can do to help your local shelters and the massive euthanasia of thousands of potential loving companions. You know if Americans can spend billions of dollars adopting children from Africa and China, maybe a small amount of that time and money can be directed to this terrible problem all around you. Enough bitching.

I had to dictate this to Sandy because I can't type...yet. She's still wondering if she's really hearing me talk or is just dreaming. I'm not a dream, but I can be a nightmare when something bugs me.

Catch you later,
Susie and Sandy

P.S. From Sandy; “One problem I've recently had is Susie now chases people on a bike. It got so bad, I had to take her off it.”