Sandy Steele Skin Care System

Sandy Steele Skin Care Just Celebrated Its 11th Year In Business.

Sandy Steele's Skin Repair System is comprised of highly effective
organic anti aging facial skin care products.

All of the Sandy Steele Skin Care Products are used by the oldest and largest beauty college in Los Angeles, The Culver City Beauty College, in the training and educational curriculum for estheticians.

How the Skin Repair System was developed

American Indians flourished and prospered for thousands of years as healthy, vibrant people. They knew how to use the elements around them, in the form of herbs, flowers, and trees, to achieve health, beauty, and longevity. Sandy Steele's Native American ancestors passed down from generation to generation the secrets of how to use these botanicals to nourish their skin and protect it from the harsh environment, thereby reducing aging.

From her American Indian grandmother, Sandy Steele learned those secrets, used them all her adult life, and now has combined them with the richest French creams available today.

The Sandy Steele Anti-Aging Skin Repair System is the heart and soul of the company. This organic anti aging facial skin care system is comprised of 4 remarkable products creating, what we believe, is the best natural treatment, ever formulated, for removing years of damage from your face! Every day you use the system you experience improvement in texture and clarity, while preventing future aging of your complexion.

People around the world have proven that Sandy Steele's skin care products produce dramatic improvements, with incredible speed, for 3 basic reasons:

Nutritious, healing, natural ingredients.

American Indian herbs and botanicals used for thousands of years.

Unique, patented delivery system for penetrating the skin.
P.S. In keeping with the highest quality and pureness of Sandy Steele skin care products, there are no perfumes, colorings, or harmful chemical preservatives.

Each Skin Repair System contains a three month supply of the following: Purifying Cleanser, Polishing Scrub, Moisturizing Mist and Royal Jelly Cream.


Purifying Cleanser
This is a highly moisturizing and nourishing gel thanks to the soothing herbs arnica, calendula and lobelia. No other cleansing gel gives your skin the bonus of anti-aging vitamin E. Being pH balanced, it also can be used by women and men. Men will find it useful as a shaving gel, while women should keep it in the shower and use it as a face and body cleanser. Women are susceptible to dry, flaky skin. You will never touch soap again after seeing the results from Sandy Steele Purifying Cleanser.
8 oz.

Moisturizing Mist
Forget toners...throw them away...death to any man or women's skin because they destroy the moisture balance! The human skin is made up of collagen and sodium pca. It is the pca which makes your skin supple and elastic. It also attracts and traps moisture in the skin cells. Sandy Steele's Moisturizing Mist is loaded with pure sodium pca. Combined with healing aloe vera, vitamin C, protein, B vitamin panthenol, and the rare herb viola pubescens, this Mist is a powerful shot of moisturizing and fortifying nutrients. Don't ever shave again without massaging this Mist into your skin. This is the most important product in my skin care regime!
8 oz.