Sandy Steele “The Twilight of Sunrise Sunset”

“The Twilight of Sunrise Sunset” is my first novel and 4th published book. I decided in 2006 to begin writing this story because I strongly believed our nation was headed for a “Financial Disaster of Biblical Proportions”.

“The Twilight of Sunrise Sunset”is about love, hope and redemption. We certainly can use a lot more of each in these extremely trying times for millions of Americans.

The plot centers around a financially secure couple who for mysterious reasons manage to lose everything important in their lives; money, family and reputation. “The Twilight of Sunrise Sunset” tells how through passion, hope and immense love for each other, they struggle to return to the top from the abyss.

I hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoyed writing it!

Sandy Steele
“The Health, Wealth and Happiness Author”

Reproduced below are a few pages from the first chapter of my novel…

The Twilight of Sunrise Sunset


Not so very long ago on a dangerous, dark and stormy evening, three best friends had their lives forevermore changed. Rich became poor and poor became wealthy. This was a time in America when the streets had no names, while witches, angels and goblins frolicked together. Spring flowers, Winter snows, and Fall colors reminded us of first loves, broken marriages and loves at first sight. Twists and turns and mysterious events eventually happen to us all, each and every one. A few feet here or a couple of seconds there and suddenly, one’s fateful journey turns out completely different. For better or worse, this is a tale of how the mighty and the fallen are not… really very different from each other…

Chapter 1
Angels and Goblins

Twilight approached on the heels of subsiding autumn thunderstorms casting a surreal rainbow across a slowly darkening sky. Streetlights peaked through the veiled mist and illuminated the moisture that dripped from the stately magnolias and pines, giving the illusion of diamonds nestled in the greenery. A crème colored Rolls Royce accelerated down the street, a little faster than was safe in the wet conditions, though the crisp tires gripped the oily black asphalt road without incident. Behind the wheel, Roderick’s eyes scanned the horizon, while his mind was focused on something much more important. The young man was at the top of the hill and his game, an investment banker on his way to the hottest club in town.

This day marked his greatest triumph, a pinnacle and benchmark of his success, awarding more reasons to celebrate than ever before. However, he now asked and then debated to himself. “Was this just some thoughtless timeless era of sex first and love last?” Seemingly from out of nowhere, Roderick was suddenly startled as he heard a mysterious, but somehow familiar, lady’s voice softly reply…

“First, remember if you want a rainbow you have to endure the rain. In my day, true love was basically far in the background because most marriages were arranged. Fortunately, I was lucky that my husband was the love of my life until the day I died. And what a scandalous life I had. But that’s another story”.

Relegating the ‘voice’ to a radio program currently airing, he decided he better watch his drinking tonight! As the road whipped by, Roderick mused about what his wife might be doing at that very moment. “Probably getting hammered with a few girlfriends on some luscious beach in Jamaica,” he thought, “not that I’d know where she really is these days.”

Thinking of her caused him to press on the gas pedal a little harder while the lumbering Rolls navigated down a particularly steep hill. Roderick negotiated the turn at the bottom confidently and had a fleeting desire to test the limits of his ride as though it was a Formula One racer. He imagined speeding along the winding and hilly track in magnificent Monte Carlo which he had visited years earlier.

“Better wait until tomorrow when I get the new Ferrari,” Roderick muttered to himself giddily as he approached the front of one of Atlanta’s most exclusive clubs. Thinking of his Italian ‘sex on wheels’ car reminded him of his short-term racing career. Years earlier one Saturday morning, he had been invited to participate in an amateur racing contest being held at the world famous and local, “Road Atlanta” racetrack. After quickly spinning out at over 110 mph around a hairpin curve, his car was too damaged to continue. Walking back to the pits Rod saw an old racing buddy, Donny. His friend waved the part-time racing enthusiast over to a private area, where mechanics worked on preparing the “real” racing cars for Sunday’s professional race, to be held the next day. Donny’s wife was an extremely close friend of actress Joanne Woodward whose family was originally from Georgia. She was also married to actor and recent racing champion Paul Newman.

“Rod, come over here so I can introduce you to a real racer. Paul, meet my good buddy Roderick who just crashed his Ferrari.” “My condolences, but here’s a Bud to help you feel better,” Paul offered while opening the beer with a ‘can-opener’ attached to a chain he wore inside his white tee-shirt.

For the next few hours, Rod, Donny and Paul Newman sat on the blacktop pit area drinking Buds and telling lies. Suddenly from out of nowhere, a huge black Porsche Turbo racecar sped directly towards the threesome. Winding back and forth like a sidewinder rattlesnake, Rod and Don jumped up to avoid being run over. Only Paul sat still on the ground without flinching. The black helmeted driver soon exited the car, which had stopped only a few feet away, and walked straight towards Paul. “Hey, asshole. How you hanging!” The driver took off his helmet. It was Steve McQueen who was also a racer of some note. For the rest of the afternoon the foursome drank beers, told racing stories and shared tales about the “real” Hollywood.

Smiling and shaking his head, Rod now returned to the misty damp… here and now. Coincidentally, it was Halloween night, which seemed to draw all of the crazies out of the proverbial woodwork. The suits, athletes, rednecks and the movers and shakers mixed together in a witch’s cauldron of delightful insanity… Roderick fit right in. Coming to a quick stop in front of Élan’s, a group of parking attendants holding umbrellas quickly rushed the car, knowing there would be a big tip involved. Before opening the door, Roderick pondered both his current professional and personal lives.

“It was the best of times and the worst of times,” as a slight sigh escaped his lips. The rich tan leather seat squeaked slightly as Roderick slipped out of the car in one fluid motion. He smiled at one of the attendants and slipped him several folded bills in exchange for the umbrella he was holding. The glowing autumn moon illuminated the now clearing sky. Millions of brightly colored fall leaves rustled in the wind and rained down from above like snowflakes in winter. Roderick appraised how quickly some southern storms passed, as he surveyed his way through the crowd of dozens of finely dressed and costumed individuals waiting, in separate columns, entrance to the club. They seemed to part for him like the Red Sea while he walked confidently toward the massive muscular bouncer. Soon, a vaguely familiar pleasant face approached.

“Roderick, how do you like my costume with the wings and everything?”

Quickly glancing at the attractive transcendent stranger dressed in layers of flowing white silk with attached transparent wings, he answered. “You look fabulous. One of the best costumes I’ve ever seen. It looks very real!”

The young angelic lady then asked if he had the time. “It’s about 7 pm. Maybe I’ll see you inside” he replied after retrieving his golden pocket watch from his sport coat.

“I always loved that watch,” she whispered to herself, as she turned away from the crowd and disappeared in a whiff of fog.