Sandy Steele Press Release

New Novel Gives Hope to Millions

Publish America Presents... "The Twilight of Sunrise Sunset" by Sandy Steele

Greed from Wall Street to Real Estate to Washington--A trifecta for financial disaster. "The Twilight of Sunrise Sunset" centers on a couple who mysteriously loses everything important in life, including family, money and reputations and their battle to return to the top. All they have left is their deep passionate love and hope.

(PRWEB) May 20, 2010 -- Best Selling author Sandy Steele confirmed today that her debut novel is now immediately available in hardcover for $27.95 at bookstores everywhere. Ms. Steele is widely known as “The Thinking Person’s Author.”

“Ripped from today’s headlines: Goldman Sachs rips off their own clients?”

“Beginning in 2006 I strongly felt that our economy was headed for a financial collapse of biblical proportions. Because of my business background, including creating a public company, and my husband’s vast experience on Wall Street, we both could see the insanity permeating our financial institutions, housing market and out of control spending by our elected officials in Washington. This is when and why I started writing my first novel, 'The Twilight of Sunrise Sunset”, stated Ms. Steele. For additional information on the book and the author, please go to Sandy Steele

Three best friends meet on a dark Halloween night during a crackling thunderstorm which results in their lives being changed forever. This chance meeting results in the friends losing everything of importance including money, family and reputations. Their battle to return to the top through deep love, passion and compassion for each other is the ultimate struggle to be resolved. Enter a world from stately Southern magnolias and mysterious skyscrapers of Wall Street, to Hollywood’s famous and infamous intriguing souls. “I feel that hopefully millions of people around the country can empathize and eventually feel much happier after reading my novel. Also, because of the current tough times, I’m encouraging buyers of "The Twilight of Sunrise Sunset" to pass it around to friends to save money.” Sandy Steele

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Sandy Steele has published two previous non-fiction books on celebrities and sports stars entitled, "The Official Celebrity Registry". While working as the Health and Beauty Editor for “The Beverly Hills Times,” she published an alternative-health book, "The Beverly Hills Longevity Code". Ms. Steele also created, produced and hosted a popular radio show in Los Angeles on women’s issues, “Honey, trust me on this…”©

May 20, 2010 PRWEB BEVERLY HILLS, CA. 90211